All scientific articles are subject to mandatory review. Two reviewers from relevant scientific field are provided for each article, and both are anonymous. The authors' names are also anonymous to the reviewers.

If the reviewers give a positive review to the article, they put it into one of the following categories:

Original scientific paper represents an original scientific work in which the new results of a fundamental or applied research are presented. This paper is written in such a way, so that on the basis of the presented information we may:

  • reproduce a methodological and computational procedure, on the basis of the obtained results with the same accuracy or within the bounded degrees of freedom, as the author himself states, or
  • repeat the author's observations and judge his analysis, or
  • check the accuracy of analyses and deductions on which the author's findings are based.

Preliminary communication represents a scientific paper which must include one or more scientific information, but without sufficient detail to enable a reader to check the presented scientific knowledge.

Conference paper represents a comprehensive paper that was previously presented at a scientific meeting, but as a complete paper was not published in the Proceedings of the scientific meeting.

Review paper presents a particular problem of which the scientific paper has already been published, but with a new approach.

Professional paper contains useful addenda from the profession and for the profession.


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